Yours, Beloved

by Megan Michelle

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It was about time, right?


released March 14, 2018


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Megan Michelle

Love at first sound.

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Track Name: Sensational
almost over ends so fast
one more question i should ask

is it hard to tell from where you're standing
exactly what i mean to be meaning?

thought you'd want to know
what i want to show

it's sensational
your mind is reading mine
it's phenomenal
the point we're making

it's all coming back so fast
questions i should have asked

is it hard to hear my heart beating?
is it hard to feel what i am feeling?

minutes come
seconds pass
your body inches close

if we could make this last like this forever
Track Name: Worried
when sunday night anxiety
preys on my mind without cease
old depression weighs on in
i cover pain in greater sin
when the more i hurt myself
the less i want help

are you worried, Lord, worried about me?
cause i am worried more, worried about me

if i vow to carry on
bearing every burden strong
if i follow your ever word
to the ends of all the earth
if i give my heart in full
body mind soul

would you be worried, lord, worried about me?
cause i am worried more, worried about me

when my flesh has failed again
your beginning without end
and the blood runs in my sweat
hearing your will-it's hard to get
when the mountain is too high
i can't make the climb

are you worried, lord, worried about me?
cause i am worried more, worried about me
Track Name: Morse Code
i go when you stop
yeah i know i'm startin' to feel for this
no, i can't take it when you know; i'm in, it's obvious
make me wonder if you're alone or if you're over this
easy to break in the morse code; i know you're feelin' it

even though you play hot cold
i know you're feeling it
even though i'm taking it slow
i know i'm into this

back and forth back and forth runnin round in my mind
stop and go stop and go, is he wastin' my time?

no fighting this i'm alone i'm swiping right again
it's hit or miss on my own cause he's not just into it

no follow back
there's no point in fakin cautiousness
show all my cards, all hands down; i can't get over this
hide out, scrolling up all alone. i know you're done with it
easy to break in the morse code; it's more than obvious
Track Name: In My Mind's Eye
In my mind's eye I can see you looking back
And I'm blinded by everything I lack
But it's nothing to you

So you work late, and your home isn't your home
Think life's easier if you do it on your own
But I know you better

In the crowd, when you're hanging out
behind the silence of a still, small sound

I am calling for you
to you
Track Name: Lonely Hunter
my heart's a lonely hunter and i've given it away
Track Name: Full of Love
And it hurts me now.
Track Name: Corpus Meum
drink from this cup
poison or nectar i've made my mind up
to shut this voice down
if you sleep now i promise you'll sleep for forever
but the blood won't wash out
the stain in the carpet my mother is crying
while i shut her out
as quiet as ever i cover my mouth, my mouth

and if you go i will follow
if you don't i won't bother
since i can't buy the hours
i will wander i will wait
i will wander i will wait

hush now my darling, i will wait

break this body down
the plague that you're setting it justifies doubt
of the love you set loose Lord
well love is forever
but my heart is shutting down
i'm down